Microsoft Teams – why is it so HOT and are you on the Teams train yet?

Is your IT partner voluntarily helping you implement Microsoft Teams, or at least actively recommending that you give it a try? If not, you could be missing out big time. Teams, Microsoft’s two-year-old Slack competitor, is the company’s fastest-growing application in history. As of July this year, Teams already had 13 million active daily … Read more

Password management

Business password management – Part 1: Password managers and why your IT provider must help

Password management can be a serious challenge–and in some cases a major pain point in today’s business environments. As more and more applications move to the cloud/SaaS model, just about every modern business has to handle an ever-increasing number of passwords . Business owners and executives have started to realize that leaving … Read more

Upgrade to dual monitor systems

Consider upgrading to dual monitor systems for your office employees

Small businesses are always searching for ways for their employees to be more efficient computer users. But before you go out and buy bigger hard drives and faster processors, you should consider upgrading your desktops to a dual monitor system. Read on to find out about the advantages of using two monitors … Read more

business web monitoring and filtering

Why businesses need web access control and monitoring

The internet is indispensable for improving business productivity, but it’s also an outlet for procrastination. With unfettered access to the internet, it’s easy to stray away from your important work responsibilities. Fortunately, web monitoring and filtering can ensure your employees don’t overuse non-work-related sites. Time-saving measures Internet monitoring software saves employees from … Read more

causes of common voip call quality issues

Diagnosing call quality issues in VoIP

Phones are absolutely essential to any company’s communications arsenal. After Alexander Graham Bell made the first coast-to-coast long-distance call in 1915, it was clear that the technology had the power to transform businesses. Today, with the universal adoption of broadband Internet, phone services powered by VoIP (Voice over IP) have gained widespread … Read more


Google Chrome to label non-HTTPS sites “not secure” starting in July 2018 — SSL is now a must-have

According to, as of May 2018 Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser in the world, with a total market share of 60.98% (as a comparison, the second place is Internet Explorer at only 12.18%). That means if Google wants to shape the Internet in a certain way—hopefully … Read more