Microsoft Teams – why is it so HOT and are you on the Teams train yet?

Is your IT partner voluntarily helping you implement Microsoft Teams, or at least actively recommending that you give it a try? If not, you could be missing out big time.

Teams, Microsoft’s two-year-old Slack competitor, is the company’s fastest-growing application in history. As of July this year, Teams already had 13 million active daily users. 91 of the Fortune 100 companies use it. Most users love it, and it’s getting even better as Microsoft heavily prioritizes its development.

What’s the big deal about Teams and just why is it so popular? Let’s just say it’s an amazing chat-meetings-calling-collaboration powerhouse, which if implemented properly, can drastically improve your work flow and productivity, both internally and externally.

This is not an exaggeration. I have seen more and more companies starting to build their entire business process around Teams. From documents, projects and shift management to group chats, online meetings and live events, it can do so much, so well, from one easy-to-use app (that works on every device), all the while maintaining exceptional control over security and compliance.

I know I must sound like a big MS fan boy (okay I am one), but seriously it’s time to get on the Teams train. Here at FelinePC we not only strongly recommend it, but also actively participate in its configuration, deployment and training for our managed clients.

Because here’s the “catch”: large corporations and enterprise have lots of dedicated IT staff and resources to make Teams thrive for their users; smaller companies, on the other hand, often lack such luxury.

As a result, some of them might have given it a brief try, only to let it go unattended, or gave it up altogether because nobody had enough experience to customize it to their needs.

Even worse, without the appropriate guest/external sharing and information protection policies in place, confidential company data may be put under risk when users bring in external users for collaboration. This is why I used the phrase “if implemented properly” in the previous introductory section.

Like many products with big potentials, it often takes some initial effort and hand-holding from the right partner to make it a success. If you talk to your IT provider about Teams, and their response is “oh sure we’ll install it for you, okay here we go it launched, now have fun!”, then honestly that isn’t going to help much – or any at all, considering the fact that anyone can go to Microsoft’s website and install Teams in a minute – it doesn’t even require local admin privilege.

So if you’re interested in Teams and want to find out if it can transform your business like it did to thousands of others, by now you should know who to call! 713-588-3777 or fill out this quick form, and let’s talk!

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