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Cloud Services and Consulting

We hate to throw around the word “cloud” casually—it has practically become a cliché. We understand that not all cloud-based solutions are ideal for SMBs because of their cost/value structures. However, certain IaaS cloud services are hugely popular for good reasons, such as Office 365 business email and Teams collaboration. FelinePC can help you navigate the market and select the most suitable plans for your business. As a Microsoft CSP partner and reseller, we provide direct consultation, sales and management of all major Microsoft cloud products including Azure and Office 365. Our goal is to obtain the features and redundancy you need while keeping the recurring subscription costs well within your budget.

Cloud Services and Consultation

Networking, AD/Azure AD and Single Sign-On

FelinePC performs a thorough network assessment for all of our managed clients during the onboarding process. Our goal is to have all your wired devices connected at Gigabit or higher speeds with secure physical and logical (VLAN) segregation, and all your wireless devices connected to 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points with consistent coverage. Your entire network will be secured and monitored 24/7. We will set up a carefully designed Azure AD or hybrid Azure AD identity management system for your organization so that all your employees and devices can be centrally managed with granular access control. We implement Single Sign-On (SSO) to free you from dealing with multiple passwords—one secure login automatically signs you into all of your websites and applications at once with 2FA enabled.

Networking and Active Directory Management

Server Deployment and Administration

Be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid, FelinePC offers excellent server deployment and upgrade options at very reasonable prices. A properly configured server provides more features and significantly better performances compared to plain network attached storage. For instance, even our mid-range SSD servers are more than 40 times faster in random I/O than a typical dual/quad drive NAS system. Our all-inclusive managed IT service plan takes care of all the software updates and maintenance services to keep your servers running smoothly 24/7. FelinePC physical servers carry up to 5 years of extended warranty for our managed clients.

Server Installation and Administration

Dedicated Private Cloud and Remote Desktops

With 100% dedicated servers allocated to your organization only, our private cloud gives you better privacy and much higher computing power per dollar than public cloud. Thanks to virtualization technologies, we can deploy a complete set of private servers and workstations (also known as “Desktop-as-a-Service”, or DaaS) for you and your authorized employees to access remotely over VPN. Your data is fully encrypted and physically isolated from other organizations. The premium data center we utilize in Dallas TX features 24/7 on-site security and holds SSAE16 II certifications. All of our private cloud servers and hosted desktops have unmetered symmetrical 1000Mbps Gigabit internet connections.

Private Cloud and Remote Desktops

Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery

We all know the critical importance of backups, but it can be difficult to consistently execute a backup plan that requires constant human interventions. FelinePC utilizes proven BDR products developed and managed by industry’s most reputable BDR experts. Our automated daily or hourly backups with incremental retention policies allow you to reliably recover lost and accidentally deleted files. Our BDR appliance can rapidly enter business continuity mode in case of primary server failure. To protect against theft and natural disasters, your data is replicated nightly to our secure off-site recovery vault. All of your backed up data are fully encrypted with your private key and not accessible by any third-party vendors.

Server Installation and Administration

Firewall, Malware Protection and 2FA

FelinePC understands the importance of cybersecurity and data protection against today’s increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats. We strive to protect your IT infrastructure with a sensible security solution based on an effective multi-layered defense strategy while also taking into account your realistic risk profile and budget. We carry several popular SMB UTM firewall brands including SonicWall and Fortigate. Our standardized managed service stack includes a full suite of security products and services such as AES-256 full drive encryption, enterprise class anti-virus/malware, anti-ransomware, web filtering, Office 365 email filtering, anti-phishing, and 2-factor authentications.

Firewall and Malware Protection

Hardware Virtualization

Virtualization allows you to split one physical sever into several “virtual” machines with separate roles and operation systems—it’s like having multiple computers for the price of one. This results in substantial hardware savings, increased management flexibility, and simplified backup implementation. FelinePC specializes in Microsoft Hyper-V Server, an enterprise-class Type 1 bare-metal hypervisor. We perform all the heavy lifting of backend administration so that you can sit back and enjoy a cutting-edge virtualization infrastructure without paying any extra licensing fees commonly associated with other virtualization vendor solutions such as VMWare and Citrix.

Hardware Virtualization

Software Acceleration

Does your multi-user Quickbooks file take forever to open? Is your Outlook bogged down by your growing inbox? Are you frustrated by some sluggish business apps you use everyday? Here at FelinePC we take performance seriously. Through some simple hardware upgrades and extensive software optimization, our lucky clients get to experience what “blazing fast” truly means. Imagine all your computers boot up in 15 seconds or less, and everything you click launches instantly without any lag. A quick example: FelinePC managed Quickbooks runs faster with 5 users over the network than a typical unoptimized single-user installation.

Software Acceleration

Help Desk and Remote Support

We proactively monitor and perform regular maintenance on your systems to keep them operating smoothly and error-free. However, if you or your employees need any assistance, we’re ready to help. All FelinePC clients have access to our client portal with our secure ticket system as well as phone support. If necessary, we can login to your computer remotely and collaborate with you in real time. At FelinePC you will never receive any “scripted” responses. Instead, you can always expect to have someone who is more than likely going to identify your problem and provide an appropriate solution right away.

Help Desk and Remote Support

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