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Financial Services and Accounting

You enjoy helping your clients plan and achieve their financial freedom. We enjoy helping you accomplish that by first getting you some much needed IT relief. Let us free you from all the paper clutter, network printing/scanning troubles, slow-performing Quickbooks, file sharing concerns, glitchy productivity apps and bloated Outlook folders. Worried about an upcoming security audit from your broker-dealer? FelinePC got you covered by helping you meet various compliance standards through the adoption of modern security protocols such as full-disk encryptions, two-factor authentications and encrypted emails. Other common services we offer include data retention and archiving, Office 365 migration, mobile sync, CRM software integration, VoIP system configuration and secure remote access.

Financial Services and Planning

Architecture and Engineering

For years, custom CAD workstations have consistently been FelinePC’s best selling custom computers. We have deep knowledge in this field down to such details as the benchmark scores of specific Quadro or GeForce video cards for specific CAD applications. That makes the benefits of having FelinePC as your IT partner quite self-explanatory. We understand a wide variety of popular 2D and 3D CAD programs including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Maya, NX, SketchUp, Chief Architect, Vectorworks and more. We can improve your team collaboration by having your drawings shared over high speed server and network that make them run as fast as being local. As a managed IT service provider today, we no longer have to rely on marking up hardware to make a profit. That means we can get our IT clients some substantial deals on fully loaded highend workstations and servers through our private distributor channels.

Architecture and Engineering

Medical, Dental and Veterinary

We have tremendous respect for all healthcare professionals. You work hard to improve the quality of life for your patients, be they children, adults, or furries. You’re also known for being extremely busy, so we would like to do our part by taking way any distractions related to IT because your patients deserve more attention than computers. The widespread adoption of EMR and EHR systems over the past few years introduced headaches related to usability, performance, data security and workflow adaption. Since most small private practices do not have dedicated IT staff, a responsible and experienced managed service provider can prove highly valuable for the optimization and security of your EMR/EHR systems. FelinePC can accelerate and secure your entire IT infrastructure, both on-site and cloud-based. Our HIPAA compliance solutions can help you stay in full compliance with U.S. government regulations by leveraging industrial standards such as AES encryption and two-factor authentication.

Dental, Medical and Veterinary

Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC

Your number of vans is growing. Your phone lines are busy. Your Quickbooks files are getting large and that’s when things start to get slow. If you’re a typical plumbing/HVAC company, your business most likely consists of two main components: workers out there doing their jobs on customers’ site, and office staff on their computers running estimates, invoices, payroll and purchase orders from Quickbooks. We probably cannot help your technicians fix those broken pipes any better, but we can help your back office operate more efficiently and the communications between your technicians and your office easier. We do this by making your Quickbooks and all other programs inside your office run much faster, whether there are one or five employees working on your company files. We can help you set up remote mobile access for your technicians so that they can enter the billable hours and services directly into the server without having your office staff translate everything from their notes.

Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC

Manufacturing and Machine Shops

Managing your shop operation with an entire chain of events, from vendors, customers and inventory to production, quality control and accounting, can be a daunting task. Let FelinePC help you simplify and streamline your business process by implementing a strong IT backend that connects all your crucial operation points. Maybe you’re still using some outdated shop management system that you have longed to replace, but the multiple technical aspects of data migration and required software/hardware upgrades always held you back. Maybe you have a new CNC machine or CAD program but your existing computers are struggling to keep up. FelinePC can take care of all these issues so you can be where you’re needed the most. We’ll also make sure to have all your office and shop computers networked properly so that you and your employees can access the same files from anywhere on your premises.

Manufacturing and Machine Shops

Equity Trading and Investment

FelinePC built trading computers for many individual traders and private funds who trusted our build quality and use of premium components to deliver the best speed, latency and reliability for their daily trading operations. We specialize in multi-monitor setups and have successfully deployed systems with 2 to 18 high resolution monitors. Many traders are highly protective of their trading computes and avoid using them for any non-trading related activity, because they understand that every second of downtime can potentially become a costly missed opportunity. FelinePC now offers managed services that take your uptime to an even higher level by taking care of all the patching, cleaning, tuning and stress testing during the after hours, so that your computers are ready for uninterrupted operation every morning. We can also set up fully isolated virtual workstations for you to conveniently perform personal computing tasks without affecting the security and performance of your trading systems.

Equity Trading and Hedge Funds

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