Benefits of virtualization 2018

The benefits of virtualization in 2018

The relationship between computer hardware and software can be frustrating. Both require the other to function properly, but both also require individual attentions. Virtualization makes this relationship more flexible. Originally adopted by mostly enterprises and initially came with plenty of limitations and caveats, today’s virtualization technologies are much more mature and suitable … Read more

causes of common voip call quality issues

Diagnosing call quality issues in VoIP

Phones are absolutely essential to any company’s communications arsenal. After Alexander Graham Bell made the first coast-to-coast long-distance call in 1915, it was clear that the technology had the power to transform businesses. Today, with the universal adoption of broadband Internet, phone services powered by VoIP (Voice over IP) have gained widespread … Read more

Regularly evaluate your cybersecurity

Regularly evaluate the cybersecurity of your business

Experts estimate that the global market for cybersecurity products this year will continue to rise and exceed that of last year. Worldwide spending on cybersecurity is likely to exceed $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021. At first glance, an increase in spending seems necessary and shows that businesses are becoming more aware … Read more

MDM in Healthcare

Benefits of Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Healthcare

More hospital wireless networks are making use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to monitor every device connected to their network. Read on to learn its numerous benefits and whether or not having it is necessary. Compliance Governments have established several regulations, such as HIPAA, to protect patient records, but mobile devices … Read more

Industries that can benefit from virtual desktops

Apart from the cloud, one of today’s biggest IT trends is virtualization, and one of the most popular uses of virtualization is virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Depending on the underlying technologies and vendors, virtual desktops sometimes are also referred to as remote desktops, desktop as a service (DAAS), cloud desktops, hosted desktops, … Read more