Microsoft Teams – why is it so HOT and are you on the Teams train yet?

Is your IT partner voluntarily helping you implement Microsoft Teams, or at least actively recommending that you give it a try? If not, you could be missing out big time. Teams, Microsoft’s two-year-old Slack competitor, is the company’s fastest-growing application in history. As of July this year, Teams already had 13 million active daily … Read more

Password management

Business password management – Part 1: Password managers and why your IT provider must help

Password management can be a serious challenge–and in some cases a major pain point in today’s business environments. As more and more applications move to the cloud/SaaS model, just about every modern business has to handle an ever-increasing number of passwords . Business owners and executives have started to realize that leaving … Read more

FelinePC, LLC HIPAA Seal of Compliance by Compliancy Group

FelinePC, LLC receives HIPAA Seal of Compliance from Compliancy Group

FelinePC, a Houston-based managed IT service provider, proudly announces the receipt of HIPAA Seal of Compliance from Compliancy Group, the largest and most authoritative HIPAA compliance training and software provider in the United States. In this post, we’d like to share our experience working with Compliancy Group for the past few months … Read more

Office 365 MyAnalytics

Office 365’s productivity coach: MyAnalytics

Installing software that immediately boosts employee efficiency is any small- or medium-sized business owner’s dream. With Office 365’s dashboard, that’s exactly what you’re getting. And best of all, it’s directly integrated with your existing productivity suite. Read on to learn more. What is MyAnalytics? MyAnalytics apply machine learning technology to your employees’ … Read more